Trayectoria y experiencia

Molina Ecclefield Lagos y Cía. is a reputable law firm established in the city of Santiago de Chile with a network of partnerships with other law firms and lawyers in the country and abroad.
Now part of two major international law firms and tax consultants worldwide associations.
Our firm is composed of lawyers from prestigious national and foreign offices, which have a strong academic background obtained in major Chilean universities, profound professional experience of its members and a vast knowledge and expertise in various areas of law with a high degree of specialization.
Molina Ecclefield Lagos y Cia. is a law firm that develops professional activities in matters of private and public law.
Our firm has achieved optimal levels of specialization in the areas of Constitutional, Administrative, Civil, Commercial, Tax and Labor Law.
The firm develops professional activities in public regulation matters, covering planning and building in public and private works, public procurement, financial regulation, exchange legislation, taxation, public limited companies and securities market, civil aviation regulation and immigration.